2 GDUSA Awards 2015: Vistana & CWI2


Odgis + Co are delighted to announce that they have won two American Graphic Design USA award's this year for the Design of the Vistana Signature Experiences Logo and the Carey Watermark 2 Brochure.

Vistana Signature Experiences is a distinctive brand that delivers a better way to see your world… while making life more fun. 
The final product established a brand that projects a sophisticated and contemporary look. It features a cluster of brightly colored stars, evoking the constellations that have enabled travelers to navigate the world for centuries. The stars also allude to the “5 Star” world-class resorts in the Starwood portfolio. We created a color palette, representing the range of experiences you have on vacation.

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Carey Watermark 2 is the second lodging industry series of Hotel REITs. This Fund utilizes over 40 years of W. P. Carey’s expertise to assemble a mosaic of hotel properties that create growth for the investors over time. The brand embodies the excitement of the hotel experience with the business of real estate investments to offer value for the investor. Our design is a journey into that experience. The infographics help to illustrate the investment value proposition and simplify the complexity of the process.

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