Analytic Partners Branding

Analytic Partners

Analytic Partners' customized, high-touch approach includes a disciplined discovery and consultative process, during which they identify their clients’ unique business needs and opportunity areas. Their services and products include marketing mix modeling, forecasting, analytics, and software tools to improve marketing ROI. That’s a world of difference from a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach that only provides a superficial view of the opportunities underlying your data. They came to Odgis + Co to refresh their brand.
We started with a simplification of Analytic Partners' main logo and word mark. Working to refine and rebalance the established triangle shape of their old logo, we redesigned their corporate logo and typography mark. We wanted to keep the brand still recognizable to clients and fans while refreshing and modernizing it. Part of that involved extending their existing color palette. Next, we developed a series of logos for their five lines of business. We created a full suite of marketing materials for them to use, including pitch decks, presentations, business cards, folders, a holiday animation, infographics and photo artwork. The new look and feel was announced via an animated holiday card, which was very well-received by all.

Odgis + Co is delighted to be recognized as a winner of the 2016 American Graphic Design Awards competition for the design of the Analytic Partners Branding.

"Materials have been an overwhelming success!"

Nancy Smith, President and CEO



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