W. P. Carey Annual Report 2016

W. P. Carey

Odgis + Company's design for the 2016 W. P. Carey Annual Report celebrates their flourishing portfolio, which continues to drive their success. To illustrate this, we employ interlocking and reverberating concentric circles which represent diverse property types, geographies and industries. This integrated portfolio is the winning formula behind the firm’s four decades of stability. 

A palette of jewel-tone blues and greens sets the report into sparkling motion. We simplify the firm’s investment strategy with infographics that depict its multifaceted processes. This report reaffirms to shareholders that they are in the right place.

See the full report here.

In addition, we also designed their four REIT Annual Reports: CPA 17 – Global, CPA 18 – Global, CWI I, and CWI II. These brochures set out to explain their current investments and assets.


Agreed - terrific job, it looks great!

Susan C. Hyde, Managing Director | W. P. Carey Inc.


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