The Changing Context


Tomorrow is a new game. No brand can remain static. Even if key elements, such as a logo, remain familiar over the course of decades—the brand expression must still change to be relevant, and stay desirable in this fluid environment in which your brand will be seen:
  • Refresh your story for today. Let go of the usual way.
  • Expand the color palette or alter the color hierarchy. More or less color density, certain colors dominating, and others used sparingly can change the feel of the design.
  • Simplify the visual presentation through different allocations of white or negative space. 
  • Take a fresh look at your images/photography. After all we have been through with social distancing, do group images send the right message?

It’s Uncomfortable to Look Inside
The painful self-examination process involves asking the following questions:
  • What is working and what isn’t?
  • What needs to change to adjust to the new normal?
  • What is the competition doing?
  • How can you improve or rethink what you are doing?

Looking Through a Different Lens 
How do your clients currently view you? What are the key reasons they are interested in your company? What are the various problems they need to solve? How easy is it for your clients to achieve a satisfying outcome using your services or products? These answers require retracing several potential scenarios, but this process is essential to create a blueprint that maps the user journey. Adjusting your brand based on those insights will improve their experience and build loyalty. A word of warning: implementing necessary changes is not for the faint of heart.  

Moving Forward
Multiple brands offer similar products, what’s the difference your brand can make? What is your “special sauce”? What do you do better than anyone else in your field? How can you communicate it consistently across your entire team? Your team must understand, embrace and repeat your message. To do this, develop a process to engage your team in an ongoing inclusive conversation and mutual understanding of these values and goals.
Uncharted Territory
In the consistently shifting world, learning to surf the virtual waves is a skill we must practice. Let’s consider how we can prepare to re-engage with empathy and consideration to the new context as the world moves onward.
Article by Janet Odgis
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