Sterling Risk Solutions Branding

Shearman & Sterling LLP

Sterling Risk Solutions, a product acquired by Shearman & Sterling LLP, is a series of products that mitigates risk and brings compliance into order. By completing an inventory of an institution’s existing activities, policies and procedures, it establishes timelines/deadlines for the completion of tasks. It also produces an audit trail and customizable reports to demonstrate good faith compliance efforts. 
Odgis + Co developed a branding system including a logo, wordmark and sub-brands that carry across all touch points. The wedge strategically placed within the wordmark to dot the “i” speaks of opening up to greater transparency. The form resembles a door stop which allows the user to see inside and identify risk or opportunity, piercing the surface. The logo embraces this clarity and professionalism of integrated functions. We created a brand that feels reassuring, solution-based, positive and stable. The sub-brands are integrated with the main brand design while having a typographic and color related distinction. 


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