Reinventing the “Thank You” Note

New York, NY—In this impersonal age, there’s nothing more important than making a great impression. Whether you’ve just landed a new account, received a job offer, or made a professional connection, following up with people can be critical to your success. That’s where ManyThanx can make the difference between being just a number and being number one.

“As society increasingly relies on impersonal digital communications, sending timely, personalized thank you notes has never been more meaningful,” says Janet Odgis, creative director of ManyThanx. “We take this issue to heart with the introduction of a line of contemporary corporate and personal ‘thank you’s’ inspired by a passionate belief in the enduring value of the handwritten note. Taking the time to personalize a note speaks volumes about how much you appreciate a person. Composing notes on cards of the highest quality and creativity demonstrates your personal sense of style and thoughtfulness, too.”

Available in 19 themes, ManyThanx cards feature a mix of typography, patterns, textures, color and shapes. They are printed using ecologically responsible materials and processes.

“We are introducing the ManyThanx line with playful product names like ‘Suitable’ (made of woven typography) and ‘Face It’ (emoticons made of punctuation), designed as a sophisticated, understated expression in the form of note cards, a little box full of gratitude for every occasion.”

While technology is constantly evolving, the rules of business and social etiquette have long mandated the sending of notes following important business and social events. If you do so with an email, however, you’re sending the wrong message. With ManyThanx, it’s easy to make your mark in an understated yet compelling way, with a note card that succinctly reflects your personality. Since they come in a box of six, you will have a supply ready for:
  • Follow-up after a business lunch or meeting
  • As an innovative way to respond when you receive payment for an invoice
  • For making a referral
  • Upon winning that account, contract or project
  • After a job is finished
  • For a bonus or raise
  • For a complex job well done
  • Gratitude for an extraordinary act of kindness
  • After being a house guest
  • After receiving a gift
  • To accompany a hostess gift
  • For going the extra mile to make a deadline
  • For any expression of exceptional encouragement
ManyThanx are available for purchase at the American Museum of Folk Art in New York City, Black Ink Boston in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Pulp in Los Angeles.

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