LACP Vision Awards: Silver Winner

LACP Vision Awards


Vornado Sustainability Report designed by Odgis+Co wins the Silver Award for Sustainability Communications in the 2017 LACP Vision Awards Annual Report Competition. The 2017 Vision Awards, in its seventeenth consecutive annual report competition, drew one of the largest numbers of submissions ever, representing a broad range of industries and organizational sizes. This year's event was comprised of nearly 1,000 organizations representing a number of countries, so competition was exceptionally tough. On July 17th, the LACP announced this year's competition results, and the Vornado 2017 Sustainability Report received a Silver Award in Sustainability Communications.

The 2017 Sustainability Report tells the story of Vornado's recent accomplishments and future plans which are illustrated by renderings, infographics and photography to clearly communicate their progress in making cities better places to live and work.

The League of American Communications Professionals LLC (LACP) was established in 2001 in order to create a forum within the public relations and communications industries that facilitates discussion of best-in-class practices within the professions while also recognizing those who demonstrate exemplary communications capabilities.