“Economic Gardening”

On Sept 16th I attended a Leadership Training program at The Edward Lowe Foundation with my chapter of The Women’s Presidents Organization in Cassopolis, Michigan. The foundation actively embraces and encourages entrepreneurship as the source and strategy for economic growth, community development and economically independent individuals. Their Mission is to champion the entrepreneurial spirit by providing information, research and educational experiences that support entrepreneurship and the free enterprise system, consistent with the intent of their founders, Edward and Darlene Lowe.

Since 1985, the Edward Lowe Foundation's primary focus has been second-stage companies — those that have moved beyond the startup phase and are poised for continued growth.

We are Second Stage Growth Companies
Unlike startups, second-stage companies are no longer concerned about survival. And in contrast to small businesses and lifestyle entrepreneurs, second-stagers are significant job creators and many have established national and global markets that bring outside dollars into their communities.

The Property
Nature provides an incredible backdrop for retreat where educational components are combined with reflective hikes and other activities. Our unique accommodations enhance this experience with guests staying in renovated retired boxcars converted to sleeping units equipped with all of the modern conveniences of a hotel. The WPO Group will follow with 2 days in Chicago on a architectural and cultural tour including Oak Park, Frank Lloyd Wright's community.