Dare to Serve


Cheryl Bachelder, CEO of Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen Inc., gave a keynote talk at the Women Presidents Organization’s 2015 Annual Conference. She explained how she transformed an ailing restaurant chain into the darling of the industry by daring to serve the people in her organization through servant leadership.

Cheryl is known for her crisp strategic thinking, franchisee-focused approach, superior financial performance and the development of outstanding leaders and teams.

My purpose is to develop purpose-driven leaders who exhibit competence and character in all aspects of their lives.

Ms. Bachelder has created a culture based on the Popeyes Purpose: to inspire servant leaders to achieve superior results. This purpose is expressed in the six principles of how we work together. The Popeyes team focus is to serve the franchise owners well; together we pursuing a bold ambition for the enterprise. This has produced exceptional performance results. In March 2015, Ms. Bachelder will publish a book chronicling the tenets of the Popeyes turnaround, entitled Dare to Serve – How to drive superior results by serving others.

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