Biogen Anniversary Book


Biogen has stood at the forefront of neuroscience research, technology, and innovation for 40 years. They wanted to celebrate their groundbreaking accomplishments by creating a book.

Odgis + Company worked with the Biogen team to tell their story and commemorate this landmark year. The Odgis + Co team designed, researched, wrote, and produced the book, complete with a slipcase. We highlighted Biogen’s brilliant Nobel Prize-winning founders and captured their deep focus on neuroscience. 

Each spread moves through time, illustrating Biogen’s evolution. We created a visual experience that captures the interconnectedness of the heroic scientists, doctors, and engineers who discovered Biogen’s cutting edge, life-saving breakthroughs. 

A special thank you to our writer Don Heymann for his remarkable and patient work on writing the book.

Recipient of GDUSA American Graphic Design Award 2019.

"The 40th Anniversary book is magnificent. Congratulations – it’s great!”

David Caouette, Global Lead, Corporate Communications and Media Relations | Biogen


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