2014 LMA Your Honor Awards Winner


The LMA Your Honor Awards program recognizes excellence in legal marketing by promoting projects and programs that provide innovation and return on marketing dollar investment.

Our Creative Direction and Design of “Effective Allies” for Akerman LLP won second place in the Promotional and Collateral − Annual Reports category. Akerman LLP's 2012 review, “Effective Allies,” is all about how relationships are at the heart of the successes that the firm's more than 550 lawyers across the country help clients across the Americas achieve.

“Effective Allies,” as part of the annual report, is a dialogue about what clients look for in an effective law firm ally in today’s ever-changing and complex business environment, and why it’s important to have such an ally to help achieve business goals now and in the future. Akerman wanted to bring to life the many deep, long-standing relationships its lawyers share with client allies to convey, in a personal and straight-forward manner, what clients tell them, what they say back and, as articulated in the review’s manifesto, how Akerman is committed to “adding to every table more perspective, more value, more peace of mind,” more wisdom.

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