The Akerman U.S. Real Estate Industry Outlook Report

Akerman LLP

Odgis + Company partnered with Akerman to help create this Thought Leadership report. Using our minimalist approach, our design suggests the mystery and seeing what’s underneath.  We used the Akerman square as a translucent form to both obscure and reveal the big picture of the variety of landscapes beneath. 

The Akerman Report provides insights on the economic conditions affecting the U.S. commercial real estate market. Akerman clients and other top real estate executives across the United States contributed to this Report through one-on-one interviews as part of an annual Akerman Survey. The Akerman Survey was first conducted in 2010 and has become a leading source for market intelligence. The infographics are bold and dynamic, engaging the reader in a variety fresh exhibits that clarify the mystery and reveal valuable insights. 

See the full report here: 
The Akerman U.S. Real Estate Industry Outlook Report


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