Rebranding Gramercy Capital Corp.

Gut Renovation: Gramercy Capital, a New York-based commercial-property investment and asset-management firm, came to Odgis + Co. in search of a fresh look. Under new management, the company was becoming Gramercy Property Trust, a name more reflective of its core business. The challenge was to construct (on a limited budget) a concise, invigorating brand - logo, letterhead, building signage, style manual and website ( - that would visually herald the company's strength but not be yoked to the past. Here's what we did.??

Just Their Type: The company had a new team, a new strategy, a new name, even a new stock-ticker symbol. We wanted to be sure it showcased itself as agile and forward-thinking. The first step was to design a custom font for its logo that was sleek and modern without being frivolous.

Corporate Cornerstone: We devised a graphic treatment, shown here, that evokes buildings’ rooflines - an architectural motif that's at once abstract and a direct nod to the essence of the business. In addition, the top edge of the leftmost building creates an upward arrow that draws the eye to the company’s new name - a subtle design element suggesting fortitude and progress.

We were able to completely reinvent Gramercy's visual brand while honing it to add value (both informational and aesthetic) for its clients. By translating the company's core philosophy into a clean, inviting look, we’ve created a comprehensive brand identity that makes Gramercy Property Trust perfectly placed for the future: nimble and confident, but with the grounding and experience essential to sound financial stewardship.