Design Award 2013: Akerman Annual Review


Odgis + Co are delighted to announce that they have won a Graphic Design USA award for the Design of the Akerman Annual Review "Effective Allies".

For the 2012 Annual Review of Akerman Senterfitt, a law firm with clients throughout the U.S. and the Americas, we highlighted the skill, service and success of their legal work - stressing the firm's close partnership with the people and businesses it serves. We use testimonials from both Akerman associates and their clients attesting to the vitality of the relationship, pairing their sentiments with black and white metaphorical images suggesting strength and guidance in the industries in which Akerman specializes. We also showcase color portraits of attorneys and clients together - bringing a warm personal touch to the often abstract practice of corporate law. The take away: Akerman offers its clients more value, more perspective, more stability and more peace of mind