Carey Credit Income Fund Branding

W. P. Carey

Carey Credit Income Fund is W. P. Carey's inaugural non-traded Business Development Company ("BDC"). For W. P. Carey, this is a departure into a slightly different but related business model, and is a business venture between themselves and Guggenheim Partners.

When designing the logo for CCIF we wanted to infuse the mark with a feeling of stability, a major part of the W. P. Carey tradition. The design is based on the acronym of the fund, where two ‘C’s are mirrored and locked together, forming a container or core. The mark also forms an hourglass shape which refers to time and the cyclical process the fund needs to grow. The different shades of blue in the mark represent the combination of the many individual investors and investments that will be apart of this fund. We paired this symbol with a typeface connected to the W. P. Carey roots. This added the traditional and established qualities of the W. P. Carey brand into the new logo. 


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